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The Sushi Man encourages sushi lovers to create their favorite rolls

sushi Japanese food make kit
Get your sushi making kit from The Sushi Man

Corporate events, company luncheons and fundraising activities have come to a halt due to COVID-19. Catering companies such as The Sushi Man have quickly adapted to these event cancellations by reimagining their business’ sustainability.

Chef makes sushi
Chef and Founder Jun Nakajima

Since 2011, The Sushi Man started as a catering company led by Chef Jun Nakajima, who has traveled around the globe trying different styles of sushi. After living in Japan for two years, his love of the culture, people and food deepened, which became the inspiration for The Sushi Man.

As quarantining began, the company actively engaged with its customers through social media and pushed delivery/take-out services on the platforms Doordash, UberEats and Grubhub. But there was another twist to add to their morphing business model—sushi kits.

“We had to change our business model overnight,” said husband and wife team Jun and Steph Nakajima.

The Sushi Man devised a box to include all the ingredients needed to create an intimate Japanese dinner for two. The in-home sushi making kit features 15 items plus four proteins. For families and couples, it’s a great way to bond and learn more about creating food in the kitchen.

Following an online demo, chef Jun guides you through the sushi roll making process with simple instructions—don’t forget you can use the pause button!

“It’s a fun date night activity for those who love sushi,” said Steph, adding that she and Jun love making sushi at home.

FIND THE SUSHI MAN at these breweries:

7/15, 4pm-8pm - Lone Tree Brewery

7/18, 2pm-9pm - Halfpenny Brewery

7/28, 4pm-8pm - Two22 Brew

8/15, 2pm-9pm - Halfpenny Brewery

8/19, 4pm-8pm - Two22 Brew

8/31, 4pm-8pm - Two22 Brew

For up to date information, go to

The Sushi Man is offering an exclusive 15% discount to Asian Avenue readers for take-out orders only. Place your order at or call 303.808.6818. Use code “ASIANAVE” valid till 8/31/2020.

Written by Mary Jeneverre Schultz

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