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Restaurant Peek: Now Pho

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

By Mary Jeneverre Schultz | Photos by Annie Guo VanDan

Late-night restaurants are hard to find, especially when you’re craving a hot bowl of noodles after a concert or nightclub. But Now Pho, located at 1195 S. Federal Blvd. in Denver, is open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. While pho bowls might be the best selection during the winter months, Now Pho offers refreshing summer items including spring rolls, grilled meat & vegetarian sandwiches, short ribs, and bubble teas—serving authentic, healthy, and delicious Vietnamese dishes. Co-owner Toan Duc Le, who is also a Denver-based real estate investor and entrepreneur, discovered an opportunity to take over and manage the Vietnamese restaurant back in September 2017. During the weekdays, Now Pho opens at 11 a.m. for diners, who are typically the older members of the local Vietnamese community. “Vietnamese people love soup as their breakfast,” Le shared. “We are also slammed on the weekends,” said Le, adding that the restaurant produces more than 200 bubble tea drinks each day. Flavors include mango, strawberry, coconut, coffee, and pina colada, just to name a few.

Grand Re-Opening in June 2023

Last month, Now Pho showcased a grand re-opening with a celebratory lion dance on June 17. That evening, customers were lined out the door after attending the Illenium: Trilogy concert at Empower Field.

During the restaurant’s four-month closure, Le spent $20,000 to modernize the technology, which now allows customers to place orders from a kiosk or directly from their phones.

They also revamped the interior with fresh paint and an open seating layout. The menu was also reduced to focus on the restaurant’s most popular items.

Unique Menu Favorites

Mi Quang / Shrimp and Pork Flat Noodle Soup — This traditional, complex soup come with flat yellow noodles, pork rib, shrimp and steamed egg in a thick, rich and flavorful pork bone and seafood broth. Topped with fresh scallion, fried shallot, peanuts, herbs, a piece of rice cracker and juice of lime.

Bot Chien / Sizzling Rice Cake Egg Omelet — Pan-fried rice cake with egg, topped off with shredded preserved radish, and green onions, accompanied with pickled papaya, carrot, daikon, yu choy and house special dipping sauce.

Hue Beef Noodle Soup with Oxtail — With oversized, fat noodles plus generous servings of beef shank, the broth is created with simmering beef bones, lemongrass, and hot chili oil.

Banh Mi Sandwiches — Served with homemade butter, cucumbers, cilantro, jalapenos and carrots, diners can select from protein choices such as eggs & spam, grilled pork / beef / chicken / shrimp, or tofu.

Le personally enjoys the pork chop rice plate from his restaurant’s menu.

Visit or follow @nowphodenver to find out more.

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