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Restaurant Peek: Sho Sushi & Izakaya

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

By Mary Jeneverre Schultz

Sho Sushi & Izakaya, at 6583 S. Parker Road, offers all-you-can-eat sushi, sashimi and Japanese dishes. It sits on the northwest corner of Parker and Arapahoe Roads, one of the busiest intersections in Centennial. With 30 years of restaurant experience, Chef Sam Ahn opened Sho Sushi three years ago. Last December, the restaurant began its all-you-can-eat menu. Lunch starts at $25, while dinner costs $35. For $40, diners can select the premium menu, which includes Ika Geso (Squid Tentacles), fresh oyster, oyster tempura, and miso black cod.

Sushi lovers will enjoy the wide variety of high-quality seafood items. Reservations are not required but weekends are busy. Visit the restaurant’s website at to check out their menu or follow them on Instagram @sho.sushi.izakaya.


Tako Ponzu:

The tako ponzu is seared octopus, scallion, and spicy ponzu sauce.


Yellowtail Sashimi

On the appetizer menu, the yellowtail sashimi plate is light in calories.



These appetizer bites are fried, breaded balls filled with diced octopus and drizzled in sauce.


Nigiri Platter

This plate of nigiri features squid, shrimp, and yellowtail. Nigiri is served on a ball of rice.


Wasabi Seared Tuna

Topped with jalapeno and ponzu sauce, this dish displays thinly, sliced yellowtail.


Udon Noodles

To complement the sushi, go for a hot bowl of udon noodles served with shrimp tempura.


Flaming Roll

The Flaming Roll features yellowtail, avocado, seaweed, and vinegared rice.


Hamachi Kama

Hamachi Kama is the collar of the yellowtail and the fattiest part of the fish.

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