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Traveling Jules

The one-person production team brings her travel jaunts to life through social media

denver-based vlogger, snowboarder, camera enthusiast, and Heartland Emmy award winning travel journalist Juliana Broste, also known as TravelingJules, found her passion in telling stories through her camera.

While in college, Broste never considered study abroad as an option or a priority, but her friends inspired her to give it a try.Then after an exchange program in Australia, the travel bug bit hard, and she was hooked.

“It changed my life in a lot of ways,” admitted Broste, 36, who grew up in Colorado. “I gained a new kind of confidence in myself and confidence in the world.”

Who is TravelingJules?

This one-person television crew does everything. If you don’t see her snowboarding down one of Colorado’s mountains, she’s working behind the scenes, producing, filming content and planning for her next travels. Her vivacious personality keeps your attention during her short, quick video spots on traveling all over Colorado and the world.

Her talents have led her to teach others how to tell stories and gain technical camera skills, using equipment from Manfrotto and Canon. “I teach fellow creators how to use the tools and provide video tips,” Broste said.

In fact, she speaks at the annual Denver Travel & Adventure Shows ( and throughout the United States. Other speaking engagements have taken place in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, New York City, New Orleans and Las Vegas. She was also a guest speaker last year at Korean Heritage Camp in Colorado, as her way of giving back to the community.

Camera hobby

Her interest in photography originated from her brother, Mark, an app developer. “I begged him for camera lessons,” she admitted. After years of making movies and skits with friends through middle school and high school, Broste got her first video camera at 17. She once pretended to work for CNN, and has now appeared on CNN Airport Network sharing travel tips in airports across the country.

Plus, a high school and college internship through Emma Bowen Foundation ( guided Broste in honing her skills in journalism. This organization, which promotes diversity in the media, places promising students of color in multi-year paid internships. Broste’s five-year internship at KCNC CBS4 involved work experience in every department at the TV station, which later helped her evolve into a small business.

As an alumna of CU Boulder, she studied journalism with an emphasis on advertising. “I did not love the news or current events, but found a natural affinity for advertising,” Broste said.

Street Level

Locally, fans of public television will find her contagious, bubbly personality on specific episodes of Colorado Public Television (CPT12) PBS’ Street Level, featuring Glenwood Springs and Leadville. Street Level showcases individual streets throughout Colorado with a narrative that celebrates the communities we all live in at the street level.

In her Leadville episodes, Broste shared historical stories of the highest incorporated city in the US, discussed the history of skiing, and showed off her love for snowboarding at Ski Cooper. Other highlights include Tabor Opera House, 10th Mountain Division, World War II connections, heart of downtown Leadville on Harrison Avenue, historic Delaware Hotel, Chicago Ridge Snowcat tour exploring the backcountry.

Episode 2 showed the history of mining, profile of Baby Doe, Unsinkable Molly Brown, discovery of gold, Silver Dollar Saloon (longest operating bar in Colorado), fat biking, and glamping during winter. Hosting, filming and editing all field segments, Broste takes on many roles during the two-part episode of Street Level.


In fact, the tourism office of Denver (VISIT DENVER), has featured her taking the A train from Denver International Airport to Union Station in downtown Denver. You’ll never see storyteller Broste without her camera. In fact, she confesses to carrying several cameras to ensure she grabs the right shot.


Her vivacious personality makes viewers want to binge watch more videos. Traveling all over Colorado, recent film clips show far places such as Flat Top Wilderness, Meeker, Rangely, Lamar, La Junta, Alamosa, Pagosa Springs, San Luis Valley, and beyond.

And it’s not just Broste in front of the camera. She includes historians, rangers, artisans, and train conductors in her interviews. She just completed filming for the Colorado Tourism Board, exploring five remote regions of the state in one of her newest projects called Colorado Field Guides (


South Korea

From traditional to modern-day Korea, Broste shares the sights and sounds of her homeland. She even traveled out of Seoul for a country experience in snowboarding in YongPyeong Resort, also known as Dragon Valley, on a bullet train.

Raised in Colorado, she has returned to her ancestral land of South Korea several times during summers to teach English in Seoul. Born in Korea and adopted at three months old, Broste returns again and again to her native country. She lived and taught in Gangnam.

In her video blog, she confessed, “Korea is not my home but it could have been, because it uniquely calls out to me.”

15 hours away from Korea, Broste returned four consecutive summers to teach English. She enjoyed being introduced to the Korean language, visiting all the landmark, historical sites of the country and immersing herself in the culture. Through her eyes, viewers learn about Korean culture, traditions, and culinary delights.

“It was a wonderful time learning what it meant to be Korean,” said Broste.

Collaborating with Viator, she featured street food in Seoul. She filmed herself trying all the classic Korean Cuisine, sampling Korean BBQ, rice cake (two versions: spicy and sweet), soju, rice wine, plum wine, patbingsu (shaved ice with read beans), and other sweet treats. Broste confessed not liking Korean food initially, “But it grew on me,” she said, and now looks forward to every meal.

Viator, the TripAdvisor Company, makes it simple for travelers to find exactly what they want to do. With direct access to more than 200,000 bookable activities, travelers can easily discover and book incredible experiences. Optimized for mobile booking, Viator lets travelers plan in advance or book on-the-go to skip long lines and sold-out signs.

The slogan, “Travel with an Insider,” allows Broste a deep culture dive of Korea and traditional Korean life. Her video clips motivate tourists interested and curious about this Asian country.

“When I visit Korea, I visit with eyes wide open,” she shared through her YouTube channel, offering viewers small, digestible bites of Korea. She visits popular tourism sites throughout Seoul. The sites included Insadong (Arts and Crafts District), Gyeongbokgun Palace, Jogyesa Temple, Blue House, North Seoul Tower, plus the DMZ.

Winter Olympics

Last February 2018, South Korea hosted the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang. Broste, having been a fully certified snowboard instructor at Vail Mountain for 15 years, felt particularly motivated to attend. Her special connection to Korea and her love for travel sealed the deal.

She secured an assignment with Matador Network. Although she wasn’t able to film at the Winter Games, she captured a more personal side of the experience, which turned out to be one of her favorite stories to date.

And the Olympic experience? “It was incredible,” she said. She recounts the highlight, witnessing pro snowboarder Chloe Kim stomp her winning run in the halfpipe, taking home the gold medal for Team USA. “You could just feel the energy of the crowd, it was so cool to be there for that moment,” she said.

Rest of the World

Broste has filmed more than 100 videos that include cooking, rafting, castle climbing, mountain biking, gorge walking, zip lining, canyon hiking, automobile tours.

Her international visits have been to Italy, Wales, Morocco, Vancouver, Austria, Thailand, Japan, and beyond. Her storytelling motivates travelers to visit the places she’s captured in her videos. She advises travel lovers to “be flexible and ready for anything.”

Enjoy traveling through the eyes of TravelingJules by visiting travel or connect with her on social media @travelingjules.

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