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The Dental Bar entices patients with a speakeasy bar

By Mary Jeneverre Schultz

While routine dental visits are important for us to stay healthy, going to the dentist causes feelings of dread, fear, and anxiety for many Americans.

That is why The Dental Bar is offering relaxation with a contemporary twist through its experiential and immersive dental office—the highlight is a speakeasy bar that patients can enjoy a drink before or after their appointment.

Husband and wife Dr. Kha Nguyen and Dr. Lynn Doan created a one-of-a-kind experience at The Dental Bar, which is located in the Southlands in East Aurora.

“The Dental Bar came to life because we wanted to create a dental experience like no other!,” said Nguyen.

"Going to the dentist can be a drag for a lot of people, so we thought, why not make it enjoyable? We’re big foodies and cocktail lovers, so we drew inspiration from trendy lounges and restaurants to design a modern, sleek dental office that’s super comfy for our patients.” Their mission is to change the way people see dentists and that’s where the speakeasy and dry bar concept comes in.

Hidden behind a bookcase, patients can step into the speakeasy environment after checking in. Open during their regular business hours, the self-serve dry bar offers a range of booze-free beverages: coffee, seltzers, sodas, non-alcoholic champagne, wine, and even non-alcoholic spirits and beers. The alcohol bottles displayed on the top shelves are purely for decoration - not for drinking. Husband-wife business partners

Doan, who was raised in Aurora, feels excited to be building her practice in the town she grew up in.

The two met when they were in high school and were friends for more than ten years before their relationship became romantic. Similar interests, such as career goals, built their friendship and laid out the foundation to establish a business together.

“Our story goes way back! We met in high school at a summer camp in Kansas. We both knew from the age of 13 that we wanted to be dentists and have our own practice someday,” said Doan.

“So, we bonded over our passion for dentistry and shared interests. We were friends for years, then started dating, got married, and now we’re not just life partners but also business partners!”

Lately, preparing for the grand opening of The Dental Bar has kept them busy with no time for leisure activities, but when the two aren’t working, they enjoy frequenting their favorite Asian restaurants, family time, and traveling. A dentist visit that engages all senses

During a scheduled appointment, the patient can dive deeper into relaxation mode with a wealth of amenities:

Visually, there is a widescreen television set up in the ceiling for patients to watch their favorite series or movies during the scheduled appointment.

Auditory: the office provides state-of-the-art technology in their headphones, so patients won’t hear the disconcerting sounds of drilling or other unpleasant noises; Scents: sweet and aromatic smells replicate the scents of high-end hotel lobbies; and Touch: a neck pillow or soft blanket are available for extra comfort.

The Dental Bar’s comfort menu is completely complimentary for all patients. Patients get to enjoy perks like Netflix on ceiling TVs, neck pillows, warm blankets, and refreshing face towels after the appointment - all without any extra cost! State of the art equipment

The Dental Bar offers a full range of dental services from cleanings, fillings, and crowns to more specialized treatments like implants and cosmetic smile makeovers.

Educating their patients is important to them, which is why the co-owners invested thousands of dollars into their equipment to teach their patients the importance of brushing teeth through visual aids.

Instead of using traditional x-rays, the imaging technology allows the dentists to show visual colors that indicate to patients any areas of concern. For example, they can show how bone density loss around a tooth can lead to long-term care and issues. Grand opening in Southlands Mall

After conducting market research, Nguyen and Doan determined that southeast Aurora was the community they hoped to serve. They also acknowledge there are not enough Asian American doctors in the surrounding areas to better serve the Asian/Asian American population.

Since March, The Dental Bar owners have documented the renovation on Instagram @thedentalbarco. By July, their potential patient list shot up to 60 people. The office is currently open three days a week — Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

“We’re incredibly passionate about what we do here at The Dental Bar,” said Doan.

“We hope to make dentistry enjoyable and to create happy, confident smiles. So, whether you’re a regular patient or just curious, come on over! We’d love to welcome you and show you how we’re changing the way people think about dental visits. Cheers!”

Contact The Dental Bar to experience a tour of the dental office and speakeasy. Visit their website at

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