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Amidst the stresses of a pandemic, Therapeasy helps Coloradans find their perfect therapist

Due to stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines, “shopping” around for a behavioral health provider is difficult, even through these services have been deemed essential.

Therapeasy is a digital tool that connects users to providers who have the highest compatibility rating. The tool offers an easier way for people experiencing mental health issues to seek professional help.

The algorithm reduces the trial and error approach to finding a good connection with a provider who is actually available, saving users costly consultation fees in the process.

Therapeasy’s new online platform went live on May 1, 2020. “I hope Therapeasy becomes a strong movement in encouraging everyone to take care of their mental health the same way they take care of their physical health,” says Christine Thai Way, CEO/Founder at Therapeasy. “We aim to make therapy easy. It’s in our name!”

The Therapeasy team from left to right: Christine Thai Way, Jonathan Just, Katie Richardson, MD

By promoting compatibility factors, Therapeasy aims to increase provider’s client retention rates, which can be as low as 40%. The statistics are startling - for example, 1 in 5 American adults experience mental illness each year and only about 43% receive care (’s mission is to improve well-being by making connections, facilitating healing and eliminating stigma in behavioral health care.

Why is Therapeasy important

“Growing up Chinese American influenced my idea for Therapeasy. Ironically, although resilience is a strength in Asian culture, stigma around mental health is still highly evident. This stigma can create an invisible barrier to seeking care when it is needed. I wanted to be a part of the movement to make taking care of our mental health as important as our physical health,” said Way.

For reference, about 49% of white adults, 33% of Hispanic adults and 31% of black adults with a mental health diagnosis received counseling in the past year. Comparatively, only 25% of Asian adults with a mental health diagnosis received counseling in the past year (

Therapeasy understands that cost is the #1 barrier to mental health care, and the platform is free for patients to get matched to a behavioral health provider.

1 in 5 American adults experience mental illness each year, but only 43% receive care

How it works

The founders like to think of Therapeasy as the or eharmony for behavioral health care. Providers complete a questionnaire regarding expertise, availability and personality to create a profile.

People seeking care complete a quick questionnaire, sharing their preferences, and the site will automatically provide them with the top three compatible providers. From there, the user may view the provider profiles and initiate a chat with a provider to further explore if it is a good fit.

Our matching algorithm calculates compatibility based on factors beyond issues, demographics, location and availability, but also accounts for interpersonal and communication styles.

Getting through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is magnifying the existing mental health epidemic due to related stress, anxiety, and grief.

Developing a gratitude practice with a journal, starting a meditation or yoga practice with guided apps, and finding a counselor to connect with virtually or in-person are all ways to improve self-care.

Accessing behavioral health care may be more difficult during the COVID-19 crisis due to physical distancing guidelines. Therapeasy provides a virtual method for people to connect with providers.

If you are looking to receive mental health services or a Colorado behavioral health provider, visit or e-mail

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