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Meet Dr. Dishler

If you have been contemplating LASIK or laser vision correction, the Dishler Lasik Institute is the place to go. You will be in good hands with Dr. Dishler, who has paved the way in Colorado as the first opthalmologist to perform LASIK including bladeless all laser LASIK in the state.

“While the basic function of how LASIK works has not changed, the methods to achieve it have advanced considerably over the last 20+ years,” says Dr. Dishler.

“We now have better ways of making flaps with our VisuMax laser, the only one located in Denver, as well as the precise method of tissue removal with the Zeiss MEL 80 laser, also the only one in Colorado.”

Since 1982, Dr. Dishler has performed tens of thousands of laser vision correction procedures, making him one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the country.

Patients from across the U.S. put their trust in Dr. Dishler, including 27-year-old Margo from New York. Earlier this year, she successfully had the SMILE procedure performed on both eyes.

“Margo had visited surgeons at prestigious clinics in New York and they had told her she was not a good candidate for LASIK because her eyes were too dry. She then spent a year doing dry eye therapies because she was very motivated for better vision from surgery.”

She learned about the SMILE procedure, which has lower invasiveness and less risk of dry eye. Margo wanted a surgeon that was more experienced so she researched online and found Dr. Dishler, who has performed SMILE procedures since 2012 and was a clinical investigator for the U.S. SMILE study. Margo was very happy to have found an experienced surgeon.

SMILE uses a single laser to remove a tiny piece of tissue from the cornea which is the clear part of the front of the eye. This tissue is painlessly removed through a micro-incision made by the same laser. The process of creating the tissue segment to be removed only takes about 30 seconds, and the entire procedure which is silent is very quick.

“SMILE is particularly good for very nearsighted people with thick glasses and also for those with some degree of dry eye complaints. We also find it useful in first responders, or those who are more likely to rub their eyes after their procedure. SMILE works in a similar way to LASIK but does not require a flap,” says Dr. Dishler.

Internationally, and especially in countries such as China and Korea the SMILE procedure is dominant in being performed and now there have been about 3 million of these procedures performed worldwide.

Dr. Dishler says, “There are many centers offering LASIK, and some have advanced technology, but we believe our combination of methods brings patients a comfortable and proven method of improving their eyesight and in most cases eliminating the need for distance glasses correction.”

The Dishler Lasik Institute also has improved methods of screening patients to understand who will most likely benefit the most from which type of procedure.

With more than 37 years of experience in the field, Dr. Dishler says that giving the gift of vision is very gratifying because both the patient and the doctor can see the result almost immediately, and vision is our most important sense.

Dr. Dishler’s continual pursuit and dedication to advance the field of laser vision correction, as evidenced by him being the first on many horizons, means he is a specialist who is an expert leader in his field. Visit for a FREE consultation today!

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