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Min Lee brings Sulbing to Colorado’s dessert scene

Sulbing Café

6851 S Vine St. Unit 200, Centennial, CO 80122

Follow at: @sulbingcolorado

Ten years ago, Min Lee first became interested in Sulbing during a trip to Korea.

“I heard about a café that was gaining huge popularity and had to try it for myself,” said Lee, who is now the Director of Operations for Colorado, Sulbing.

Min Lee is the Sulbing Director of Operations for Colorado.

Located in the Streets at SouthGlenn, Sulbing is already becoming a regular spot for those looking for coffee, tea, desserts, or a place to work — with WiFi.

Lee says she gets asked daily: “What is sulbing?” Sulbing directly translates to ‘snow ice,’ but it is different from traditional shaved ice in that it is milk-based and made using a proprietary ice shaver to create a fine, snowflake-like texture. Because each ingredient is purposefully included to achieve balance in the final product, customization is not recommended. 

“We offer a wide range of toppings to accommodate different palates and food sensitivities, said Lee. 

For example, Mango Cheese Sulbing is a timeless fan favorite around the world for its delicate balance of tart, sweet, and creamy. Aside from bingsu, Sulbing also serves original hot desserts such as Injeolmi Toast and Mozzarella Injeolmi Toast, along with popular treats like fish-shaped buns (bungeoppang), Honey Butter Bread, croffles, and churros. These items pair perfectly with sulbing. Not to mention, Sulbing offers a delicious range of drinks, including coffee, tea, smoothies, and sparkling ades. 

Lee added: “Our coffee is roasted locally using Fair Trade, organic beans, and our premium tea is from Jeju Island.”

Rewind to Lee’s trip to Korea, it was during that visit that she tried the classic Injeolmi Sulbing.

“It was truly unlike anything I had tasted before,” she said. “I was fascinated by how the traditional shaved ice dessert was reimagined while capturing the authenticity of injeolmi.” 

“I found myself craving it throughout my trip. As someone with a sweet tooth, I hoped to have something similar back home one day.”

Over the past ten years, Sulbing has built a well-founded reputation as Korea’s #1 dessert café. Sulbing has inspired similar bingsus in the US, but there has been nothing quite like the original brand that started the bingsu craze. 

“What drew me to the franchise was their passion for dessert and commitment to constant innovation,” she said.

Born in Seoul, Lee grew up in Colorado. She feels connected to her Korean roots as much as her American culture.

By opening Sulbing, she hoped to share aspects of her Korean culture with Colorado. Her goal is to be a part of Sulbing’s mission to globalize Korean desserts and diversify the dessert scene in Colorado. 

“As a fan of the brand, I feel a responsibility to deliver the most authentic version of Sulbing,” said Lee. “You can rely on us to provide the original experience in both food and atmosphere without traveling across the world.”

Sulbing in Centennial uses high-quality ingredients that are intentionally selected to make desserts that are full of flavor and not overly sweet. Additionally, their contemporary and warm space is perfect for any occasion, from study dates to family gatherings.

Their slogan closely translates to “sulbing for every season.” Korean cuisine is deeply influenced by the seasons and emphasizes eating fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Therefore, Sulbing’s menu captures the beauty of the seasons. Whether it’s the heat of summer or the chill of winter, there is something on the menu to leave you satisfied.

As Korea’s #1 dessert cafe, Sulbing takes pride in serving innovative items that seamlessly blend traditional Korean ingredients with contemporary flavors, creating a dessert experience like no other. 

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