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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Samantha Dawn Eugenio, founder of By Samantha Dawn, is a Filipina, Denver-based personal stylist and work at home mom.

Asian Avenue: What inspired your business?

Giving birth to my son was actually what pushed me to start my business. I knew I liked styling people for fun. People always messaged me asking for styling advice, whether it was about outfits or closet organization. I like the psychology behind styling and how I have the capability of building someone’s confidence through style and in turn resulting in positive impacts throughout their life. When I saw there was an opportunity to get certified in personal styling, I did it!

When my maternity leave was over, I just couldn’t go back to work. COVID-19 was still fresh and I wanted to be present with my baby. So I resigned. I told myself, well - I could either find another job eventually or do something that I love. I did the latter. I built everything from scratch, educated myself on opening up my own business and made the scariest leap by being an official business owner.

AA: What can clients expect from working with you?

Clients can expect that they will be developing more than just their wardrobe. I challenge my clients to dig deeper beyond their wardrobe and get really psychological about it. My services are meant to elevate how you feel about yourself and in turn elevate your life. Looking great in the clothes is just a bonus.

I really try to make it a learning experience so my client understands why they are doing the things I make them do. I assign some homework like style exercises, journaling, success manifestation, etc.

Also expect that the client makes the final choices. I give my feedback when it comes to styling and the overall look, but I always ask what the client feels and if they feel good in what they’re wearing. At the end of the day, they’re wearing the outfits and they need to genuinely feel great in them.

AA: How has being a mom been challenging or rewarding while building up your business?

My supportive partner and I have been together for 12 years. We have a Shiba Inu and our baby is now eight months old!

As a first-time mom, everything just changes. I would have mom guilt for catching myself wanting to work whenever I was taking care of the baby. It became really rewarding once I learned how to manage my time better. Being a mom taught me more about myself that I had no idea about. I discovered I’m capable of doing so many things if I put my mind to it. I became really present with my son. I now spend the days with him and when he’s sleeping I dedicate that time to work. I opened up a whole business while raising a new baby. Womxn are incredible.

AA: What do you love about being an entrepreneur?

I love how sky’s the limit. I can be creative in my own way. No one from corporate can deny me of what I am capable of doing. When I have a vision of something that can help someone with their personal style, I can make it happen. I also love the flexibility of time. I can be with my family whenever I want and then when it’s time for business, I focus and get things done.

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