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Mono Mono Korean Fried Chicken redefines KFC

Mono Mono Korean Fried Chicken is redefining “KFC.” If you’ve ever had Korean Fried Chicken, you know that it is the mother of all crispy chicken. At Mono Mono, they use an Asian frying technique that removes the fat from the skin, resulting in a thin, crackly and almost transparent crust.

Located in downtown Denver, Mono Mono opened in mid-March of 2021 at the onset of the pandemic. Despite this, the restaurant has gained a wide following in this past year. The order to beat is the chicken wings, which remain their most popular menu item. For entrees, the bulgogi cheeseburger and gojujang chicken sandwich are well-loved, and the kimchi fries and shisito peppers are appetizer favorites.

The restaurant’s concept was first founded by MJ Chung in New York and brought to Colorado by JW Lee. Lee is a long-time prolific restauranteur with more than 20 years of experience and a goal of introducing new cuisine to the Denver area. Prior to Mono Mono, he was running a Korean restaurant called Koba in the space.

The staff prides themselves on service that puts their customers at the center, being sure to give attention to aspects of Korean food and culture. Manager Paul Kim said, “Many of our customers enjoy learning about Korean food. For example, we serve daikon with our chicken wings. If served alone, customers may take a bite and not like it. However, if we tell them the reason behind it—that the daikon helps cleanse the palate and this is how it is eaten in Korea—it helps them appreciate the food more.”

Mono Mono refuses to compromise on its quality and use the freshest ingredients. Their dishes are made with love by their talented chefs, including several small dishes invented by Lee that cannot be found at other fried chicken restaurants.

Lastly, Mono Mono offers a full bar which includes Korean drinks and cocktails, as well as happy hour!


Mono Mono Korean Fried Chicken

1550 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202

720.379.6567 |

Photos By: Lijin Zhao

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