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Meet Srivalli Guha

Srivalli Guha is a 17-year-old equestrian and student at Rock Canyon High School.


I am on my school’s golf team. Outside of school, I am involved in myriad activities besides equestrian. I take professional Indian classical flute lessons from famous flutist, Mr. Raman Kalyan. I started a non-profit organization, Ashwa Sewa Inc., with one of my close friends and actively work with local rescue ranches through my non-profit. Once in a while, I also love playing the piano, having taken formal lessons for many years. I have also volunteered at the National Jewish Medical Center, The Right Step, and Zuma’s Rescue Ranch.

English Horse Riding

I got involved in the equestrian world almost four years ago. My passion for riding horses was really sudden, and I honestly wasn’t expecting it. My dad thought it would just be a phase, but this sport has turned out to be my passion. The things I enjoy most about this sport include developing a bond with the horses that I ride for long periods of time, going to horse shows and competitions, and moving up skill wise. I also enjoy spending time and learning from my amazing trainers and fellow barn friends.

Although everyone I’ve met in the horse world have been so welcoming, being a minority in the sport has been weird for me especially since I grew up in such a diverse environment.

Whenever I participate in an equestrian competition, I am one of the few people of color.

It makes me proud of my ethnicity and who I am because a lot of Indians I know aren’t commonly seen doing this sport. I hope to be some sort of inspiration to my friends and others like me who aren’t sure whether they want to participate in the sport or not.

Plans for the Future

I am hoping to attend either Colorado State University or University of California at Davis, and purse my interest in becoming an equine vet. My passion for helping horses has grown over these past years as a rider, and I would love to help them by pursuing equine sciences.

Greatest Accomplishment

One of my biggest accomplishments was being named as the Second Half Circuit Champion at the Desert International Horse Park in February 2020.

About Srivalli’s Family

Srivalli’s father Nagendra and mother Jyothi were born and raised in India. Her father grew up in Bengaluru, considered the Silicon Valley of India and her mother grew up in a picturesque town called Shimoga, in the state of Karnataka. Nagendra immigrated to the US to study Chemical Engineering at the University of South Florida. They moved to Denver in 1999. Her grandparents immigrated from India in 2004, the year Srivalli was born.

Her parents are proud of Srivalli’s kind and compassionate nature, her academic and athletic accomplishments. They hope she will pursue her passion and continue to inspire girls to ride horses.

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1 Comment

Vittal Cooduvalli
Vittal Cooduvalli
Jul 11, 2021

Congratulations Valli for the achievements you have accomplished in your life. Good luck for pursuing your dream of becoming vet which I consider a noble profession . I sincerely wish you good luck and confidant that you achieve your goals in flying color.


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