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Clarence Low steps down from Asian Chamber of Commerce

Low joins Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

After serving as president and CEO of the Asian Chamber of Commerce (ACC) since February 2014, Clarence Low has departed and accepted the role as the director of operational relationships of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE). He will remain engaged with the ACC as an advisor.

In his new role with SASE, he will serve to develop and nurture relationships with corporations that value a diverse workplace and connect them with high-achieving Asian scientists and engineers.

“As one of the largest API organizations in the US, we will need Clarence’s leadership and relationship building skills to continue on our exciting and impactful growth. I have known Clarence for a few years and his skill sets are exactly what SASE needs,” said Khanh Vu, CEO & Executive Director of SASE.

Low, a member of the ACC since 2007, also serves as President/CEO at Archipelago Web, a full service web design agency.


He has been an active member in Colorado’s Asian-American community since he moved to Colorado from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2003.

Always connected with the minority business community, Low has served on numerous boards and commissions in Denver, including the COEDIT Minority Business Advisory Board, Red Rocks Community Foundation Board and the American Red Cross Diversity and Inclusion Committee. You will frequently find him attending community events like the Nikkeijin Kai community picnic, CO Dragon Boat Festival and Lunar New Year festivals.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Under Low’s leadership, the ACC’s efforts and connections within the community has expanded considerably over the recent years – reaching deep into the multi-ethnic Asian community as well as through partnerships with local and multinational companies seeking to increase their diversity and inclusion efforts. ACC enjoys partnerships with the City and County of Denver, the Colorado Governor’s office, the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and regional Consular Offices.

Passionate about Youth

Low is passionate about creating opportunities for AAPI students - both educationally and with career development. He helped start two Scholarship Funds at CU Denver and Red Rocks Community College, and leads an annual trip for local undergraduate students to Washington, D.C. Low received the University of Colorado, Denver Rosa Parks Diversity Award in 2015, and was recognized by the Colorado Asian Culture and Education Network (CACEN) as an Asian American Hero of Colorado in 2013.

Before Colorado

For nine years, Low worked as a chemical oceanographer and staff research assistant for University of California, Santa Cruz. Through his scientific career, he has visited the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and even Antarctica. During his Antarctic trips, he would spend eight weeks at a time traversing the seas. His job included mapping ocean circulation, collecting water samples and analyzing those samples in a laboratory.

During the dot-com years, he worked for NASA-Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA. That experience opened doors into various start-up companies in San Jose, CA. In 2001, he started a web design agency with his brother, Terry.

Low, who is of Chinese descent, earned his B.A. in Chemistry and an M.S. in Marine Sciences from UC Santa Cruz. He enjoys a good game of table tennis, xiao long bao, high-grade sushi, and most anything with yuzu in it!

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