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“Always Be My Maybe” is a crazy great Asian American movie – thanks to “Fresh Off the Boat”

Ali Wong and Randall Park play in the Netflix movie Always Be My Maybe as friends who reunite 15 years later.

“Crazy Rich Asians” was such a surprising success to Hollywood’s power brokers last year that its ripple effects have included some other film and TV projects featuring Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

But it would be a mistake to say that “CRA” broke the dam and allowed the flood of AAPI projects to come to our big, small and tiny handheld screens. Other AAPI-focused movies opened last year too, including John Cho’s excellent cyber-thriller “Searching” and the sweet teen love story, “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” starring Lana Condor, which is on Netflix.

“Always Be My Maybe,” a new movie also on Netflix that dropped this month, is a wonderful, entertaining rom-com that’s easier for us to identify with (who can really identify with the fabulously wealthy society of Singapore?), and it wasn’t sparked by “CRA.”

“Always Be My Maybe,” as co-star and co-writer Randall Park pointed out in a NPR interview, has finished filming and was starting post-production when “Crazy Rich Asians” was released last summer.

If anything, “Always Be My Maybe” and the plethora of other AAPI Hollywood treasures and pleasures that are coming soon to a theater, television or mobile screen near you can trace their roots back to 2015, when ABC debuted “Fresh Off the Boat.” That’s the sit-com starring a Chinese American family in 1990s suburban Florida, where the dad runs an all-American steakhouse and mom writes murder mysteries. It was originally loosely based on the memoir of celebrity chef Eddie Huang, who almost immediately declared the show was phony and not edgy enough. Duh – this is network television, dude, what did you expect?

Huang is still credited as producer, but the show’s creator and producer, Nahnatchka Khan, has kept it going for now five seasons, thanks to a stellar cast that stars Constance Wu as Jessica Huang, Randall Park as Louis Huang and Hudson Yang as the oldest son, the chef-to-be Eddie. The show balances Asian cultural touches (the grump, blunt grandmother, the overachieving younger sons – Eddie is the slacker of the bunch) with storylines that keep non-Asians watching.

Without “Fresh Off the Boat,” “Crazy Rich Asians” may not have been made into a movie, even though the novel it was based on was a bestseller. Constance Wu was cast fresh off “Fresh off the Boat” for “Crazy Rich Asians, and let’s face it, she – and the rom-com chemistry she had with co-star Henry Golding – made the movie really shine.

Also spinning off “Fresh,” Randall Park wrote the romantic comedy “Always Be My Maybe” with co-star Ali Wong and Mike Golamco. “Fresh” creator and show runner Nahnatchka Khan directed “Always Be My Maybe.”

Park plays Marcus Kim, a Korean American guy in San Francisco who’s been a little adrift all his life, working with his dad in an air conditioning/heating business and playing in a rappy rock band circa mid-1990s. Wong is Sasha Tran, a driven Vietnamese American celebrity chef who’s back in SF to open a new hip restaurant. The film is about their off, then almost on, then on-again romance, told with great humor and cultural insights.

The highlights include cameos by two stars who appear as Sasha’s boyfriends. Daniel Dae Kim is her beau at the beginning, a more famous restaurateur who is full of himself.

But the one getting all the press is Keanu Reeves, who plays himself in a hilarious series of scenes as Sasha’s newest boyfriend. The scene with Reeves showing up at a ridiculously posh restaurant for a double date with Sasha, Marcus and his girlfriend is priceless, and worth the price of a Netflix subscription just so you can watch it over and over again.

It’s an endlessly satisfying film, and the result of a tipping point that may have been symbolized by “Crazy Rich Asians” but really started five years ago, with “Fresh Off the Boat.”

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