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33 Organizations to Support and Follow

Updated: May 5, 2021

Many people have asked how they can get involved in the Asian community or support the local work going on in Denver. Below are 33 organizations that you can support by following on social media, donating to, and/or joining their events and programs.

Sometimes the timing might not be right to get deeply involved, but following them and staying connected to their work is a great start! Show them love with likes and follows! Comment that they are doing much needed work! You never know what exhausted nonprofit worker just might need to hear some words of encouragement to keep them going!

1) The Asian American Pacific Islander Initiative of Colorado Democrats is the AAPI community and voice of Colorado’s Democratic Party. They promote voter and political engagement for progressive issues that are related to and affect the AAPI community. They work to increase awareness and education of the Democratic values and principles that can benefit the AAPI population in Colorado. As the organizers that work within the community, they create strategies to have more inclusion, pass more laws/measures and elect more Democrats from the AAPI community. They are the go-to A-team for progressive AAPIs in Colorado! Follow them on Facebook to join virtual discussions and meetings. Contact: | Facebook: @AAPICODems.

2) Asian Avenue magazine is a monthly print publication that features news and events about Denver’s Asian American Pacific Islander community. The magazine lifts up the stories and lived experiences of community members and encourages its readers to get involved in civic engagement and with social change. Founded in 2006, the magazine hosts events such as an annual Lunar New Year celebration, networking mixers and community leadership workshops. Contact: | 303-937-6888 | | @asianavemag (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

3) The Asian Chamber of Commerce (ACC) is a membership organization that provides economic development and business opportunities for its 130 members which include companies across the Denver metro area. ACC connects with Asian employee resource groups to help support their diversity and inclusion efforts and also partners with community organizations and nonprofits such as Mile High United Way, Asian Pacific Development Center, and the American Red Cross to help promote and cross-resource programs and initiatives. Contact: | | Facebook: @acccolorado | LinkedIn.

4) The Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Colorado represents and advocates for the interests and ideas of the APA attorneys, judges, law professors and legal professionals in Colorado and provides coordinated services to the Colorado community. Professional growth and fellowship are fostered through connecting its members to new opportunities and educational programs and by aiding in cultivating paths for emerging law students. Contact: | | Facebook: @apabacolo.

5) Asian Girls Ignite (AGI) is a community of Asian and Pacific Islander middle school girls (grades 6-8) and women celebrating who they are by elevating their voices, exploring their identities, and caring for their wellbeing through the power of storytelling. They welcome anyone who identifies as a girl, gender nonconforming, queer, or transgender individuals of Asian, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, South Asian, or mixed descent. AGI is committed to supporting Colorado API girls in cultivating positive self-concepts and a collective identity.

6) Asian Pacific Development Center (APDC) was founded in 1980 after a large number of refugees resettled in Colorado after the Vietnam War. A group of community leaders formed APDC and opened a mental health clinic—recruiting and training AAPI community members to provide culturally and linguistically responsive assistance. APDC has evolved through the last 40 years to meet the growing needs of their community and exists today to serve and support all immigrant and refugee communities with a whole health, community-based engagement approach through health, education, and advocacy.

7) The Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) - Denver Chapter is a network of dedicated Asian American real estate professionals that promotes and educates the AAPI community in sustainable homeownership opportunities. They actively host classes and brunches (and lunches) in all real estate and housing topics to catch the community up to speed with the current market. This network promotes and educates the AAPI community in sustainable homeownership opportunities. They host classes, networking parties, home buying seminars and are the go-to resource for all things real estate.

8) The Asian Roundtable of Colorado (ARC) was founded in 1994 as an umbrella organization to empower Colorado Asian and Pacific Islander communities by providing a forum to discuss and act upon issues of mutual concern. ARC is guided by the leadership of AAPI communities, businesses and individuals and is currently managed by a small group of past presidents. Rather than delivering on-going programs, ARC activates when specific needs emerge. The last initiative was the statewide education and outreach of 251,000 Colorado Asians for the 2020 Census.

9) Culturally inclusive values power this established Aurora-based, Spirit of Aurora, organization. The Aurora Asian/Paci­fic Community Partnership stands as a collaborative and humble supporter for local API businesses and residents. Find updates on their Facebook page and website for news about cultural events and presentations, educational issues and programs, and business assistance.

10) Colorado Asian Culture and Education Network (CACEN) has been on a noble mission for over 10 years to bridge the general public to the diversity of Colorado’s Asian communities. Championing cultural education, understanding and awareness, CACEN hosts annual programs (Asian American Heroes of Colorado, Colorado Chinese Radio Network) and events in partnership with local AAPI-owned businesses (Asian Eats) and community organizations, as well as youth leadership conferences.

11) The Colorado Asian Cultural Heritage Center (CACHC) introduces Denver youth to the art and discipline of the elaborate dragon and lion dance, ultimately stimulating and nurturing health and wellness-focused mindsets. Thanks to the efforts of founder Phong Vo, Denver has a chance to experience Asian culture in the most mesmerizing way.

12) The Colorado Sikhs organization focuses on widening the net of harmony and unsullied compassion, helping those in need, and developing mutually respectful relationships with communities across Colorado. They currently focus on annual “Langars” on Capitol Hill, anti-bullying & Sikh education resources, workshops, and engagement on a variety of Interfaith topics.

13) Colorado Dragon Boat: We know. The word “Festival” effortlessly follows. You probably already heard of or have personally experienced these spectacular (annual) 2-day celebrations centering around Asian culture, electrifying dragon boat competitions, entertainment and great food. They’ve also proudly hosted Colorado’s only all Asian and Asian American film festival. It doesn’t stop there. They help pave the way for young professionals with their Emerging Leaders Program. Colorado Dragon Boat brings an engaging and dynamic approach to empowering the Asian Americans of Colorado.

14) Mapped out and thoughtfully assembled by a team of resilient women of color, CORE: Community Organizing for Radical Empathy is bringing a new wave of “radical empathy” and inclusivity to Colorado. They march alongside social justice through collaborative community-oriented events and by curating accessible tools and resources to educate the public. Join CORE in their healing circles to connect with like-minded, change-seeking individuals in a safe place and other upcoming programs.

15) Having launched back in 2007, Denver Asian American Pacific Islander Commission (DAAPIC) has been operating tirelessly as a support liaison and facilitator between the AAPI community of Denver, the Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships and the office of the Mayor of Denver. There is always something going on in the efforts to create a clearer voice and a safer environment for the AAPI community. Monthly Commission meetings are held open to the public - link is available on their website!

16) The Denver Asian Collective tackles the unique challenge of gathering the diverse and rather widely dispersed Asian population here. Shifting gears during the pandemic from social gathering events to online support services, the meaning of a “collective” remains true to this organization. Connect with them to join in on support group discussions or their book club highlighting talented Asian authors. A link is also available on their website to report any incidents of racism towards the AAPI community.

17) Established in 1954, the Filipino American Community of Colorado (FACC) creates a sense of family for all its members and those that they help or collaborate with. As one of the oldest AAPI organizations in Colorado, FACC uses their community center to graciously host language classes, art performances and youth and senior programs.

18) Since 1992, Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families (HCAF) has been supporting the healthy development of families formed by adoption. HCAF promotes the successful transition of adopted children into healthy, confident, well-grounded adults who are proud of themselves, their families, and their heritage. HCAF helps adoptive families become part of a larger community “just like themselves,” with shared experiences, challenges, and opportunities.

19) Japanese American Resource Center Of Colorado (JARCC) preserves, educates, communicates and most importantly, celebrates the evolving Japanese American experience in Colorado. JARCC is currently holding virtual workshops, tours and classes for those that want to explore the culture or simply reconnect with their Japanese ancestry. “Keeping Heritage & Culture Alive!”

20) The Japan America Society of Colorado (JASC) expands people-to-people relationships between Colorado and Japan by serving as a bridge to connect via business, education and cultural opportunities. With nearly 400 members representing business, civic, and individual interests, JASC serves as the premier resource for companies and individuals in Colorado who are working with or have connections to Japan.

21) The Japanese Arts Network (JA-NE) is a Colorado-based national resource for artistic collaboration and connection that supports and strengthens visibility for Japanese artists in America and is brings together artists, communities, and stakeholders in celebrating and advancing Japanese arts experiences in America. Recent projects included ZOTTO a supernatural immersive Japanese production, KINTSUGI: THE ART OF HEALING Finding Beauty in Repair, a Denver Arts & Venues Cultural Partner Program, and the upcoming program YOKOSO! A Japanese Cultural Mix-tape, an educational cultural experience through arts and engagement.

22) The primary goal of the Korean Community Foundation of Colorado (KACFC) is to elevate the next generation of Korean Americans and instill meaningful values by way of cultural education, philanthropy and community service. Check out their Facebook page for news on the latest virtual workshop on topics such as leadership and mental health.

23) Part of the largest and oldest civil rights organization focusing on Asian Pacific Americans, Mile High Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) strives to promote a world that honors diversity, justice, and advocacy while preserving the cultural heritage of Japanese-Americans. They actively work to support students and encourage educational and social values through various scholarships, fellowships and leadership opportunities.

24) This organization was built upon a humble wish. Founders Linda and Jimmy Yip started the Nathan Yip Foundation (NYF), turning tragedy into their late son’s thriving legacy - fulfilling his wish to fund educational opportunities for children worldwide. With roots in China, their current focus is on Colorado; they collaborate to provide K-12 teachers and students in rural Colorado with equal access to learning opportunities and resources. As a public charity, they raise every cent of the grant funds they distribute. Since 2002, NYF has funded 76 projects serving 63,000 students worldwide.

25) National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association (NAAPIMHA) advocates for public policy on issues that affect mental health including suicide prevention among youth, empowering mental health consumers, and access to high quality affordable mental health services for all. The organization is currently planning a roundtable series to address Asian mental health in May.

26) National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) is the go-to hub of career advancement and leadership development for the Asian American community. The NAAAP Colorado Chapter hosts keynote/inspirational speakers and a series of virtual workshops revolving around topics of diversity (having difficult or sensitive conversations), leadership and finance.

27) Nikkeijin Kai of Colorado operates from the heart of what it truly means to be Japanese-American. Formerly known as the Japanese-American Association of Colorado, they took to rebranding in honor of reflecting the multiple generations that have called Colorado their home. They host and sponsor many events celebrating and promoting cultural exchange, just one of the ways of engaging the newer generations. As of this year, they are actively and resolutely supporting the Amache National Historic Site Act to preserve and memorialize a compelling part of Japanese-American history.

28) OCA is a national organization dedicated to advancing the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans in the United States. The local chapter in Colorado is active in organizing events that support Asian seniors in the community, a 5k run to raise awarness about the importance of health, and an annual lunar new year celebration. OCA Colorado is currently working to provide COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

29) This is where diversity and inclusivity greets the great outdoors with open arms. The Colorado chapter of a national movement, Outdoor Asian Colorado is quite literally on the move to spread the message that the outdoors - however it’s defined - is for everyone. Their mission is to create a diverse and inclusive community of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the outdoors. Connect with OAsCO on Facebook to learn about upcoming events and outings.

30) Rallying for positive change and unity, Philippine American Society of Colorado (PASCO) brings a proactive energy to each gathering that they host. The jam-packed calendar on their website speaks for itself with a variety of family activities, student services, themed events, potlucks, language classes and fundraisers. You may also want to check out their talented dragon boat team, the Fighting Dragons!

31) Sakura Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that celebrates Japanese and Japanese American (JA) heritage, culture, and community. Its programming includes the Mirai Generations Leadership Program, grants, scholarships, and educational and entertaining cultural events. It co-presents the annual Cherry Blossom Festival each June with Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple. We value our lasting partnerships with JA, Asian, and non-Asian organizations.

32) South Asian Bar Association of Colorado (SABA-CO) is a local chapter of national organization representing the interests of South Asian legal professionals in Colorado. They stand for social justice and sponsor local, collaborative events in support of the AAPI community. This organization serves to support South Asian attorneys and law students through professional networking events and mentorships.

33) Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) is a national organization with chapters across schools and university campuses across the states. Its mission is to provide opportunities in education and employment for advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers. SASE helps them excel to their fullest potentials with programs focused on API-targeted leadership development, STEM competitions, national conferences, career fairs and both women and military initiatives.

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